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Beagles from Russia (Kennel RKF/FCI)

Бигли Петербурга купить щенка бигля
Бигли - лучшие представители породы в Европе и в Мире
Beagles in Russia
Hunting beagles

About us


"Ami-Shegoday" is a small kennel established in 2003 and located in the countryside near Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

My name is Dina Neverova, my first beagle appeared in my life in 2000 and 3 years later a tricolor beagle puppy called Dar Shah Tess (Kim) from Dar Shah Kennel arrived at my home. It was a beginning of our beaglestory...

We are young beagle breeders, but we are experienced enough as dog trainers and dog owners. We have our own opinion, but we are willing to study and communicate with those people who love and respect animals as we do. Our goal is to "create" dogs, not just to make puppies, because we see the difference between these words and because we are really inspired by our friends - beagles.

We've been breeding beagles since 2003 and we had a lot of shows in Russia and abroad, most of our producers are INTER CHAMPIONS and such results make us happy and proud, but winning the first places is not our main goal - it is just a small part of the adventure called "breeding". The main intent of our kennel is to breed healthy, quality, well socialized, sound moving, gentle natured beagles.

We met many interesting people thanks to various animal-related activities and we are ready to find new ones! We hope you like our website, I designed it myself and all materials that you can see on its pages are the result of my work, Olga's work and "Ami-Shegoday" team's work. Enjoy it!


P.S. I've been a photographer, specialized in dogs and horses, for almost 14 years now.  You can find my reports and pictures in magazines, books and calendars. I take photographs at the dog shows occasionally and I will be happy if they are useful for you, don't hesitatate - contact me. Scan the portfolio >>